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Each Swift plate comes with laptop clamps & mini baby pin legs x4


Dimensions: 17.5 x 10.98"

Weight: 1172 grams // 2.60lb

Material: ¼" 6061 aluminum, black anodized - limited unfinished option available (pictured)


Includes: brackets (compatible with 16" and 14" M1 MBP), thumbscrews, two nylon spacers and two 3/8-to-¼ reducer bushings


The result of months of iterative design, professional insights & feedback, this plate serves as the production platform of choice for working photographers and digitechs.


Machined from lightweight and durable 6061 aluminum, the Swift Plate features a generous mix of industry standard 3/8-16 and ¼-20 threaded holes, as well as two 3/8 anti-twist receivers compatible with Arri locating pins (perfect for mounting things like compact secondary monitors and HDMI transmitters). There’s no shortage of ways to expand and customize your setup, tailored to your workflow.


In addition to being the only commercially available plate offering a mix of 3/8 & ¼-20, we’ve trimmed the profile so that it fits in a Pelican 1510, while still comfortably seating current M1 laptops in 16 and 14 inches. Filleted handles at the back and sides make for comfortable hand transport.


There are additional industry-standard receivers designed to be compatible with the LSDigi Arca Swiss base, as well as shades from both MULE and Inovativ. Fully compatible with accessory mounts for hard drives, power supplies and more from excellent fellow maker Faini Made.


The center of the Swift plate offers enough space to comfortably orient an Arca Swiss or similar tripod QR plate any way you like, in sizes up to 90mm, without interrupting the chamfered cutouts (though truthfully we use a 100mm plate and are cool with how it looks anyway). This is also where you can choose to mount the excellent LS Digi Arca mount, employing a single hex drive counter sink screw.

Swift Plate

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