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Choose any x3 Rock Tape types 


Rock Tape is made with the on set needs of both lighting and Digi techs in mind.


It is ideal for when you have either single or more complex multiple lighting set ups, rather than writing on multiple pieces of gaffer tape you can now use a strip of tape to streamline your workflow by labelling the camera settings, lighting settings and even label hard drives!


It comes in x3 categories…


Rock Camera Tape (Green) - Used for: F Stop, Shutter Speed, ISO, Lens/focal length, Setup/shot & Air remote channel


Rock Lighting Tape (Yellow) - Used for: Pack power, Pack number, Modifier type, Air remote channel & Additional notes


Rock Digital Tape (Red) - Used for labelling hard drive boxes with: Drive name, Photographer, Client, Shoot name, Shoot date & Digi techs name


Each roll is 50 metres long with a width of 50mm and is made from recyclable durable paper tape that is easily tearable, ideal for use with sharpie pens. 

Rock Tape Multi-Pack x3


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