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The Rock high speed Tether cable  combo, ultra fast 10gb ps 5 meter extension & the 0.5 meter right angle cable fits snugly into the camera and also allowing you to un-tether quickly when you want to shoot to card.

  • 10Gbps high-speed USB-C Female to USB-C Tether Cable with protective aluminium protective casing and connecters (4.5m/15ft)
  • Tough Braided High-speed 10Gbps Tether Cable Right Angle with protective aluminium connectors (0.5m/1.6ft)

The Rock high speed (HS) range are the fastest cables available and work perfectly with all USB-C camera system and are lighting fast with USB 3.2 (Gen2) compatible cameras such Fuji GFX100 II, Sony A1 & Nikon Z9 which really optimises the cables high speed data transfer.

Both cables are also backwards compatible with any 5Gbps cable allowing you to use them with other cables you already own as ether an extension (5m) or quick release option (0.5) at 5Gbps.


ROCK HS Tether Cable - Combo - HS5M & HS0.5 Right Angle - USB C - 10GBPS


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