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The Inovativ Mast Riser System for Echo & Ranger 30/36/48 Carts allows you to attach a gimbal dock that uses a 5/8" baby pin onto the cart, enabling you to mount your gimbal stabilizer on the cart. The Mast Riser System is designed for smaller stabilizers. For larger, sled-style stabilizers such as Steadicams, Inovativ recommends the Steadicam System.

The Mast Riser System features a 2-stage riser with a 5/8" baby pin adapter that secures to the cart to support your gimbal dock. It attaches to the swivel wheel/narrow side of the cart so that your gimbal is mounted on the side of the cart where the push handles are, giving you easier access to it.


Usually ships in 1-2 months - Contact us for precise timings and stock levels

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