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Los Alamos PRO+ USB-C Right Angle to USB-C Tether Cable 9.5m/31ft

The Pro+ Collection


  • Tight right angle design to ensure a stable tether connection
  • Uses our new hybrid-optic technology
  • Highspeed with even faster transfer speeds 
  • 300lb rated crush-proof metal housing 
  • IPX4 weather sealed  
  • Power bridge chipset allows for an outstanding, stable 62ft connection
  • Slimmer, stronger soldered connectors 
  • Extra-long lengths to go further distances without needing to use additional cables, extensions or power points. 
  • No power injection points (No need!)


Commonly paired with Sandia XL PRO+ USB-C Female to USB-C Extension Cable 9.5m/31ft


To create a Power Bridge for 62ft tethering you must follow the below steps;

1) Computer-end must be plugged in first

2) Then plug in the ANGLED USB-C into the camera and power camera on

3) Connect the USB-C straight end from the camera cable into the computer's cable USB-C female port. Connecting the two cables together. 


If this order of steps is not followed, you will not properly connect at 62ft. If you power the camera down or change the camera batteries,  you need to start at Step 1 and go in order of the directions to reconnect.


Compatible with most cameras using a USB-C port including, but not limited to;


  • SONY A-1
  • SONY A7R4
  • LUMIX S1
  • LUMIX S1R 
  • Canon R5


We recommend running the latest camera manufacturer firmware and Capture One 22 latest build. We use M1 on 12.3 with C22.

Area51 Los Alamos PRO+ Right Angle USB-C to USB-C Cable 9.5m/31ft

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    The shop resumes normal service and delivery times on January 2nd 2024.


    Merry Christmas!!

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