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  • Wireless SDI/HDMI Transmission System
  • As low as 40ms Latency
  • 1,000ft Wireless Transmission Range (LOS)
  • Supports Smart Channel Switching
  • Transmitter Supports SDI Input, HDMI Input, and SDI Loopout.
  • Receiver Supports 2*SDI Outputs and HDMI Output
  • Supports DC Power Supply, Battery, and USB Type-C Power Supply
  • Supports UVC Pull-stream(Based on P format, not support i format)




COSMO C1 uses the latest coding, decoding technology, and 5G wireless transmission technology. It can achieve ultra-low latency wireless video transmission. It has a transmission range of over 1,000ft with a clean line of sight (LOS) when the transmitter is connected to 1 receiver. And,both transmitter and receiver are equipped with L-series battery plates and can also be powered by a USB Type-C port and DC power input.




  • 1x Transmitter
  • 1x Receiver
  • 4x Antenna
  • 2x Mushroom Antenna
  • 1x Cold Shoe
  • 1x Magic Arm
  • 1x Type-C Converter
  • 1x DC Adapter
  • 1x User Guide
  • 1x Warranty Card
  • 1x Expansion Accessory

Hollyland COSMO C1

Usually ships in 1-2 weeks - Contact us for precise timings and stock levels

  •  Any Orders placed between December 21st-29th will be shipped on December 30th.


    The shop resumes normal service and delivery times on January 2nd 2024.


    Merry Christmas!!

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