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This NANO Series V-Mount Plate can be adjusted onto the included cheese plate. It features 17 1/4″ mounting holes and 1/4 screws with 3/8 adapters for mounting onto a Digi plate, super clamp, camera cage or any suitable application.


A D-Tap Output is available, for use with a Macbook Pro you will need: D-Tap to USB-C PD Adapter:



D-Tap Output: Yes (1x)

Features: V-Mount Plate’s position can be adjusted on the cheese plate with 4 x M3 Screws

Cheese Plate: 17 x 1/4″ threads

Dimensions: 102(L)mm*82(W)mm*28(H)mm

Weight: 136g



FXLION NANO V-Mount Plate with Cheese Plate

Only 7 left in stock

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