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laptop platform with cable management and Arca mount




x4 Method Legs

x2 Method Clamps - Includes spacers, self-adhesive rubber pads, thumbscrew


A laptop platform with integrated air vents, Arri anti-twist holes, cable management and Arca mount. Designed for various workflows including table top and tripod/stand operation.


  • Integrated Arca-compatible mount
  • Compatible with Inovativ and Mule shades

  • Integrated Arri anti-twist holes

  • Legs and security clamps available among other calipso accessories
  • 220 holes Standard 3/8-16
  • 8 holes 1/4-20
  • Air intake and exhaust vents
  • Cable management slots
  • Light and solid construction with no rigidity loss
  • 100% CNC


Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Finishing: Hard Anodizing

Dimensions: 17.2 х 10.9 х 0.24 In / 437 х 279 х 6.3 mm

Weight: 2.1 lb / 983 g

Patent Pending


Who is it for?

For photo and video professionals who prefer light and functional laptop platform. 

Why did we make it?

We wanted to make a laptop platform that is not a simple cheese plate, but a multi-functional, ergonomically advanced, and lightweight product that saves your energy, your luggage fees, and makes it a pleasure to use on set. 

How did we make it?

During many years on set we kept improving our own setups until we found the best ratio of ergonomics, weight, and functionality. It’s much like sports engineering – maximum performance with minimum weight. Method was built exactly that way. We've integrated all key features such as Arca mount, Arri anti-twist holes, air vents and cable management into the platform. Outer lines of Method are designed with ergonomics in mind – finger grooves and wide handle provide reliable and pleasant operation.

Calipso Plate - Method plate, clamps & feet

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