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Baby pin base mount for laptop workstations


A ⅝ Inch baby pin mount that connects to Calipso Method and other laptop workstations and offers a secure mounting solution for on location or in studio workflows. Features an integrated Arca dovetail, ergonomic thumb screw with integrated hex socket, ¼ 20 and ⅜ threaded holes allowing for multiple mounting options such as C-stand, tripod, Magic Arm, light stands etc. All threads are steel reinforced allowing for tighter and more secure mounting in moving vehicles. Also features a cable management system. 


  • Integrated cable management system
  • Integrated Arca-style mount
  • 1/4 20 + 3/8 holes for non-Arca tripod plates
  • ⅝” hole for C-stand mounting
  • Ergonomic thumb screw with hex socket
  • Reinforced steel threads all around
  • Thumb Screw with integrated hex socket and a steel thread
  • Mounting screw included


Compatibility: Method, Inovativ, Mule and other chessboard style platforms


Material: 6061-T6 aluminum, stainless steel


Who is it for?

  • For those who use cheese plate laptop platforms and need flexibility of various mounting options including C-stand, Arca quick release tripod heads, ¼ 20 and ⅜ light stands etc.
  • For photographers and digital technicians using Calipso Method plate or other cheese plate design laptop platforms.
  • For users who need additional cable management function
  • For users who need a tighter/stronger mounting solution in extreme scenarios (moving vehicle applications,  


Why did we make it?

We wanted to design an improved lightweight laptop base by adding Arca quick release dovetail, cable management system, ergonomic thumb screw, additional threaded holes for Manfrotto, Gitzo and other accessories.

Calipso - Equilibrium - Baby pin base

  •  Any Orders placed between December 21st-29th will be shipped on December 30th.


    The shop resumes normal service and delivery times on January 2nd 2024.


    Merry Christmas!!

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