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Quick release plate with integrated cable management and Arca mount


A quick release plate that makes cable management as simple as moving your thumb. Dogma lives on the cable and helps you route it, protects camera ports, and keeps your setup put together until you need it again.

Compatibility: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica, Fujifilm and all major DSLRs and mirrorless cameras

Tripod Head: Arca-compatible quick release plate (exact match)

Cable compatibility: Any thickness up to 6.5mm (LVNA Digital, Area 51, TetherTools  etc.)

Material: 6061-T6

Finishing: Hard anodizing

Bolt: 1/4 20" Thumbscrew + slotted groove

Dimensions: 2.7 х 1.5 х 0.4 In / 70 х 38 х 10 mm

Weight: 1.3 oz / 37 g

Patent pending


Why did we make it?

  • To protect camera port and establish stable tethering even with the most untamable cables.
  • To minimize setup time by designing a camera plate that stays on a tether cable.
  • To save your time on set with our toll-less thumb screw design. 
  • We wanted tethering to be seamless by making every element in your setup an extension of one another.


How did we make it?

Our photographers and DITs were deeply involved in designing the best cable management device. After months of research and testing, we've launched Dogma — quick release plate with every part of it serving a purpose. The cable channel now also holds your camera plate exactly where it needs to be for the next shoot. High-rigidity material keeps your equipment secure. Lightweight construction ensures ease of use during long set hours. Thumbscrew with slotted groove provides tool-less operation and a strong hold. Minimalistic and functional — just the way you need it.

With Dogma on your cable, you always know your next step. And nothing is in the way of your professional workflow.

Calipso - Dogma – Quick release plate

  •  Any Orders placed between December 21st-29th will be shipped on December 30th.


    The shop resumes normal service and delivery times on January 2nd 2024.


    Merry Christmas!!

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