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33FT 10 m Micro B to USB-c tether cable

This Micro B to USB C Right Angle cable allows high speed tethering at a much better price point to its competition.  Dual chipset provides rock solid and stable 10m connection

The Rock Camera cables work with Canon, Fuji, Nikon and all compatible DSLR cameras on the market.


We all know its a pain when tether cables get tangled due to the cable being stiff. These cables have a flexible TPE outer sleeve which prevents wire hardening and stiffness.


Each connection and chipset has an aluminium protected casing making these very tough, durable cables

The camera end of the cable has an L-shaped design to reduce the force on the camera port interface.  Pair this with a foto fortress tether block and your camera tether port will be well protected

ROCK 33FT 10 m Micro B to USB-c tether cable -5GBPS


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